Our Solutions

Family Business Funding was founded in 2019 by small business owners for small business owners as “Family Business Fund”. One of Family Business Funding’s goals is to help ensure that small businesses have access to the financial resources they need to thrive. 

Our founder and CEO, Douglas Muir, created Family Business Funding with the intent to help both small businesses and investors realize their full potential through alternative funding and investing. Having invested in traditional outlets such as the stock market for years, Douglas became frustrated with the low returns and volatility of the stock market. His financial advisor never informed him of alternative investing, and through his own research, he discovered a new world of investing.

Douglas saw the possibilities that alternative lending and investing hold for both small business owners and investors, and decided to start his own company and revolutionize the industry by taking on all processes involved—vetting applications, underwriting deals, technology creation and implementation, money distribution, and more. Every step of the process is handled in-house by the Family Business Funding team.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that as the backbone of our economy, small businesses deserve quick and easy access to funding options that are transparent, sustainable, and scalable. Likewise, we believe that investors should be able to reduce their risk and diversify their portfolios through creative alternative investing, all while feeling satisfied in the knowledge that they are contributing to the success of small businesses.

The Family Business Funding Experience

We utilize innovative strategies to offer funding to small businesses in need. We are committed to offering our clients a creative funding model that is manageable and scalable, while offering transparent information that makes this process sustainable.

Transparency and accessibility are a part of everything we do. Because we handle the investing and underwriting processes from beginning to end, we are able to work directly with merchants. This ensures thoughtful and transparent information that can be easily understood.

Our investors are able to see this in action as they track their investments in real time. Satisfaction and transparency for our investors and small business owners is why our default rate is lower than the industry average.*

*According to deBanked, the average default rate is between 5-15%.