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Volatility. An investor’s least favorite word.

The Family Business Fund offers you the chance to invest without the risk associated with a volatile market. By investing directly in small businesses that are operating independently of the fluctuations of the stock market, you’ll enjoy high-yield returns without the stress of volatility.

Alternative investments allow you to invest through hard money lending, which is common in real estate when homebuyers are denied mortgages or bank loans. The Family Business Fund uses merchant cash advances that function similarly to hard money loans. With merchant cash advances, the money you invest is used to help small businesses or independent contractors maintain daily operations, and the underlying asset, (or collateral) is their future income. It is paid out much faster than traditional loans—within 24-48 hours rather than weeks or months.

This creative alternative to traditional investing is the path we encourage our investors to take toward financial independence. To learn more about alternative investing and merchant cash advances, view the video below.

Earn a passive monthly income with fixed payments.

If you are ready to start earning a passive monthly income with fixed payments, we are happy to get you started.

The first step is scheduling an appointment with one of our investment strategists. We are offering virtual appointments to discuss your alternative investment opportunities, answer any questions you have, and get you earning higher returns than ever before.

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