Alternative Investing in a Biden Presidency

Having been a year full of surprises and challenges, 2020 is coming to a close with Joe Biden as our new president-elect. Regardless of where people land on the political spectrum, there is one thing that is definitely a bipartisan activity: investing. With Joe Biden set to take office this upcoming January, you may be wondering what that means for your investments.

For people invested in traditional outlets such as the stock market, historical data has shown that whichever party is governing has little to with the state of the stock market. For people with alternative investments, it becomes stickier since the question of regulations come into play. Right now, the merchant cash advance industry is not federally regulated. Some states and federal organizations have already begun trying to change that, but it’s unlikely that a Biden presidency would interrupt this process by either halting it or expediting it.

That’s good news for the Family Business Fund (FBF) underlying asset, merchant cash advances, because it means things will likely continue as usual during the upcoming presidency without any extreme changes. And with Biden’s plans to help small businesses get better access to relief funds and bailouts, the outlook for both small businesses and alternative investors is positive. That’s because small businesses would be able to continue operations and make payments on their advance, leaving both lender and borrower happy.

Even though we’ve seen a lot of unfortunate division during this election that’s sure to make the history books, it’s looking like the world of alternative investing come 2021 will remain stable. This is great news for those of us already engaged in alternative investing, and even better news for those who have yet to discover it.

When the pandemic struck and people suffered huge losses as the stock market crashed, they started looking for other options. Sadly—and I can personally attest to this—most financial advisors don’t tell their clients about alternative investing. But once investors discover this option through their own research, their eyes open to the possibilities of higher returns, fixed monthly income payments, and reduced portfolio risk.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the opportunities that await you as an investor, there are two great reasons why now is the time to get involved in alternative investing. First, there’s the positive outlook that a Biden presidency will maintain stability in the alternative financing industry. Second, as coronavirus cases spike once again—and restrictions and the threat of lockdowns are also on the rise—the stock market faces another potential volatile year!

Take it from me and save yourself the stress of that potential second-wave crash by being smarter with your money. For more information contact Douglas Muir at or call (888)884-6442 ext. 3